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Full Moon Leo: The Lion’s Roar

by Caroline on August 4, 2014

Rainbow_droplet wikimedia commons
Leo is perhaps most famously known through its characterisation as the lion killed by the classical warrior Hercules. The king of the beasts is terrorizing the village folk and Hercules is called to kill this terrible predator. Hercules trails the lion up hill and down dale, but the cunning creature constantly evades him until Hercules realises he must face the lion in its own lair. This is risky because once in the lion’s den Hercules will be trapped and the fight will be to the death.

Being a pledged disciple however, Hercules does not shrink from fear and faces the beast head-on. They circle and snarl, tear and rip until finally Hercules uses his legendary strength and skilful intellect to grasp the beast by its neck strangling the life from it. He then returns to the village wearing, with great humility, the lion’s skin around his shoulders. This tale tells us that to defeat the negative, destructive beast within, we must track it to its hiding place or our own desire-mind. There we must squarely face our fears and taking them by the throat, squeeze the life from them.

The throat centre is the source of our lower mind’s often destructive and hurtful thought, words and actions. Combined with an unredeemed solar plexus we are always thinking and acting fuelled with desire for personal satisfaction. If we choose to battle this form of our dweller, we won’t get out alive unless we win, and to defeat the lion of our personality we must call on the strength and power of our soul. There are two sides to the sign Leo as there are for all signs.

We can again characterise this sign in the form of the tawny-maned lion Aslan in C. S. Lewis’ tales of this same beast as a Christ figure or the Will-To-Good. Aslan summoned four children to the land of Narnia, to help him battle the wicked witch who was trying to dumb-down and control the creatures living there. At first frightened by their littleness in the face of such a task, the children gradually learned through the trial and error of their little lion or personality-self, to become more than they ever dreamed possible. With the power of Aslan’s belief in them, the children defeated the wickedness threatening the land. Through ordeal and great sacrifice, the children evolved into a better version of themselves and their task completed, they returned to their own land now well equipped to serve and save. [click to continue…]


New Moon Leo: Leadership in the New Age

by Caroline on July 24, 2014

Monday 28 July 2014

When I think of the sign of Leo I’m often reminded of the tawny-maned lion ‘Aslan’ from C.S. Lewis’ stories of four children in the land of Narnia. Aslan was Lewis’ metaphor for the Christ consciousness – love of all, kindness, patience, gentleness, inclusiveness, selflessness, focus on the highest good of the greatest number, intelligence in action and wisdom, yet also great power, strength of will, belief and fortitude.

Could we discuss the Aslan-type figure as a metaphor for the type of person or group of people the world now needs to lead it, ‘out of darkness into light’?  Is this the new group of world servers talked about by Alice Bailey?

As a unit of energies we can see this group providing all the qualities we need in those who should govern us. The individuals and groups serving the world may be working on their own projects yet they can be seen as one in consciousness. Combining their different methods and aims they look like a rainbow of colours together forming a perfect light which when focussed by one overriding purpose – of planetary and human betterment – gives us a Christ or Aslan-type leader. Could we be witnessing the emerging prototype of a new form of world governance by the spiritual groups acting as one mind, heart and will?






Full Moon Cancer: Light & Dark

by Caroline on July 5, 2014

Nicholas-Roerich-Song of the Waterfall
Put aside all prejudices — think freely. Be not downcast but full of hope. Flee not from life, but walk the path of salvation. Nicholas Roerich

Cancer rules our birth from the realm of the soul which is free from illusion, into this world of glamour and maya, pain, suffering and escapism. It all sounds a bit dismal when you think of it like this, especially as we appear to have no knowledge of this process. But what we do know is that we can change this from an unconscious act into one of lighted understanding. We have choice – do we identify ourselves with all these illusions and continue the wheel of rebirth, or do we set to work to unchain ourselves?

To misquote Nietzsche, we’re all free but we keep putting ourselves in chains. While the Sun transits Cancer we can utilise the energies of this constellation to see more clearly the chains that bind us. To do this we start with the mother and the home, two ideas, along with birth, attributed to Cancer.

It can be said that we’re all like children chained to the apron strings of the Great Mother Nature. Bounteous, sacrificial and beautiful in her role as giver of life to our body, she is also the possessive, over-protective mother who tries to hold us close to her ample bosom promising endless sustenance if we don’t threaten her dominance.

Our task is to cut these luxurious apron strings that bind us to her, but not out of anger or rejection, but with a loving understanding that this is the best and only way. Difficult as this is due to our closeness to this great being – she is us and we are her – it is something we all must do. It’s a slow process done over lifetimes of practicing dispassion, detachment and discrimination. We can perhaps help ourselves by asking: ‘What am I hanging onto in my life that I once needed and served me well, but is now only a form of bondage?
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New Moon Cancer: The ‘Boat People’

June 26, 2014

Discussion topic: The ‘Boat People’. Perhaps the key to this new moon in Cancer discussion is: what does ‘home’ mean? Boat people, refugees, illegal immigrants, scared, desperate, queue jumpers, job takers, scammers… depending on our perspective of these people seeking asylum and a new life in Australia will be how we describe them. And our […]

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The Challenge of Service.

June 23, 2014

As we walk our spiritual path we may feel as though many friends are dropping off and the things we used to enjoy now hold no interest for us. People we used to feel close to, or who understood us no longer do, and we want to share our true self but no one can […]

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Full Moon Gemini: Humanity’s Festival

June 10, 2014

During June while the sun passes through the constellation of Gemini, we have the opportunity to celebrate the soul of humanity. We can each join with our fellow humans in declaring, ‘I am one with all beings; I am one with the Soul of the World’. By this we mean two things: I am a […]

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World Invocation Day

May 31, 2014

‘World Invocation Day is a world day of prayer and meditation when men and women of every spiritual path join in a universal appeal to divinity and use the Great Invocation. Together they focus the invocative demand of humanity for the light, the love and the spiritual direction needed to build a world of justice, […]

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New Moon Gemini: The Reappearance of the Christ – what does it mean to you?

May 24, 2014

New Moon meeting Thursday 29 May, 2014 Topic: The Reappearance of the Christ ‘Whenever there is a withering of the law and an uprising of lawlessness on all sides, then I manifest Myself. For the salvation of the righteous and the destruction of such as do evil, for the firm establishing of the Law, I […]

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Full Moon Taurus: Wesak Festival

May 24, 2014

While the Sun is transiting through the constellation Taurus we have the opportunity to understand more about our purpose here on earth. ‘Why am I here?’ ‘What is it to be a human?’ These are age-old questions and many of us fall back on these ponderings when a crack appears in the fabric of our […]

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The Glamour of Love

May 23, 2014

There are many traps along the spiritual path and one of them is called the glamour of sentiment. According to the ageless wisdom teachings, a glamour is like a mist or fog in which we wander and which distorts all that we see and contact. It prevents us from ever seeing life truly or clearly. […]

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